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Holly Million is “The Super Producer.” Her production company, Golden Poppy Productions, which she founded in 1996, creates media to wake up the world.

Holly is a filmmaker, nonprofit leader, teacher, speaker, writer, and blogger whose personal passion is empowering people to change their world for the better. In addition to securing funding for A Story of Healing, which won a 1997 Academy Award, Holly has raised money for documentary and dramatic films that have aired on PBS, HBO, and other broadcast outlets.


As a director, Holly created Changing Room, a dramatic film that had its television debut on PBS in 2005. Holly is the director of the feature-length documentary film, A Permanent Mark, now in post-production, which tells the story of American veterans and Vietnamese people suffering from Agent Orange exposure. She is the producer of The Rugby Player, a feature-length documentary about United Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham and his mother Alice Hoagland which is now in a long international festival run.

Holly also produced It Came From Kuchar, a documentary about underground filmmaker George Kuchar directed by Jennifer Kroot, and she was a fundraising consultant on Blind Spot: Murder by Women, a film by Oscar-winning filmmakers Allie Light and Irving Saraf, as well as Everyday Heroes, a film by Oscar-nominated director Rick Goldsmith. She is a skilled producer and can handle the business, fundraising, and logistical aspects of taking a project from concept through completion.

A seasoned international traveler who has been to Nepal, China, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam, Holly met her husband, cinematographer Chris Million, on a trip to Mongolia in 1996. Holly has an MA in education from Stanford University and a BA in English from Harvard University. See more at:


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