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Golden Poppy Productions produces television content. Our current production pipeline includes the following shows.

Queen Flea — Now in development

“Did you see the Queen Flea? My, oh, my.”

These are the opening theme-song lyrics to Queen Flea, the reality TV show that seeks to answer, “Who is the queen of resale shopping?”

What is “resale shopping” anyway? Only the hottest thing going at the moment, thanks in part to the Great Recession and the anemic personal finances it has produced. And thanks in part to greater environmental awareness (climate change, polar ice caps melting, record heat waves, record droughts, Great Pacific Garbage Patch the size of Texas, etc.). And thanks in part to a growing sense that everything manufactured in China today really is crap. And thanks in part to a revolutionary fervor sweeping the globe in which individuals of all walks of life stop marching to the beat of the same drummer and start throwing rocks. Or start dressing the way they have always wanted to dress. Or start refusing to pay retail. Or start finding new ways to express themselves, furnish their homes, or clothe their children. Or start discovering some overlooked priceless objects that will change their fortunes forever. This revolution will be “gently used.”

Resale shopping is buying things secondhand, at estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales, consignment shops, church rummage sales, flea markets, junkyards, salvage centers, and online through sites from Etsy to eBay. While all of us casually shop a neighborhood garage sale now and then, or stop by Goodwill for cheap plates for a big event on occasion, for the real hardcore resale shoppers — the Queen Fleas — buying things secondhand is a lifestyle, a calling, a personal mission. They take this very seriously. You think you could challenge them? My, oh, my!

Queen Flea is a very loosely competitive, reality TV show, more tongue-in-cheek than cutthroat. Each week for a full broadcast season, five pairs of talented, experienced resale shoppers vie to fill their “trophy cases” with incredible resale purchases that are 1) Bargains, 2) Rarities, or 3) Gems. Each week, the pairs prowl their favorite resale haunts, from the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA, to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire in Northern CA, to Nifty Thrift in Lafayette, CA, to private estate sales all over Northern California.

Occasionally, the characters will be given a special challenge, designed to mix things up, throw them off their game, or level the playing field between the professionals and the amateurs. One episode might bring all the characters together to shop one massive flea market, like the famous Brimfield Antique Show, that none of them has ever shopped before — guaranteeing mishaps, miscommunications, and possible miracles. Another episode might force the teams to uncover their treasures at a junkyard where they have to pry their gems out of the mountains of debris with a crowbar. There are so many ways to mix things up.

Each episode features lots of loving, filmic, close-up “beauty shots” of the incomparable finds each pair has uncovered, presenting plenty of eye-candy for an audience who will love to voyeuristically participate in this hunt. The characters will be encouraged to tell “war stories” throughout the season, in which they recount some of their biggest successes along the way and frame expectations for what they may find in the latest episode.

Two of our characters, Dan and Rachel, are professional estate liquidators. We plan to show the inner workings of their estate sales, from shoppers lining up outside a home before a sale opens, to the gate opening and these same shoppers stampeding through a house, to the amazing parade of interesting types coming through, hunting for specific treasures, gee-gaws, and gadgets, to the haggling, jostling, hunting, digging, whining, and crowing that inevitably happen at these sales. This is something rarely seen on television that will make for unbelievable viewing!

The beginning of each new episode recaps what items have collected in each pair’s trophy case cumulatively from the beginning of the season through that point in time. The characters self-evaluate their performance at the end of each episode, and they also assign points for the performance of their fellow competitors. Everybody has an incentive to be honest and fair or else face payback from fellow competitors. The end of each episode recaps the pairs’ successes and failings for that particular show according to the yardstick of “Bargains / Gems / One of a Kind.” Each episode will be fast moving, featuring a rapidly changing kaleidoscope of imagery to keep it interesting. At the end of each season, one of the shoppers and her sidekick will be crowned Queen Flea in an elaborate coronation ceremony involving second-hand regalia and reused royal trappings.

Queen Flea is solidly a female-oriented show, although men will like it, too, and there are three male characters. It’s designed to be fast-paced, beautiful to look at, modern, widely varied as to the items featured, and it does not take itself too seriously. It’s thrift shopping, for goodness sake!

All ten characters for Queen Flea have been confirmed. We are completing our pitch reel and are seeking distribution in 2016.